Mypersonaltaster organizes wine and food tastings to unveil new flavors ,uncommon pairings while discovering  the real taste of quality. These taste sessions are organized as of olfactory gym to better develop your  skills. Find out about wine production and learn what the process requires to turn the grapes into a glass of wine.

The tasting experiences starts from aperitif to the dinner.

Home Chef: Enjoy a wonderful meal in your own home cooked and served by the very best chefs across Italy. Turning your home into one of the world’s top restaurants. Each menu can be fully customized with special recopies for vegetarians, vegans and celiac.

Prices starting from 25 €

Wine Tasting: Experts and novices alike will find joy in this informative and fun tasting experience, located in the most attractive locals. Contacts us to receive special offers and promotions, invitations to events and tasting experiences.Tastings can also be arranged at your office, hotels, conference centers or ‘off site’ locations , creating a professional but relaxed environment to discuss business ideas and strategy.

Courses:This experience will ease you to understand the different colors of wine, tastes, whether they are sparkling or still, slightly dry or sweet, what food they will compliment and exactly what the labels on your bottles means. Duration from 1 to 4 lessons.

Wine Tours:

one day visit to farms, wineries, discovering wines, cheeses, cured meat and wide range of local products.

Contact us to for additional information or quotations.