Smoked Chicken breast 200 gr. Jolanda de Colo

Smoked Chicken breast 200 gr. Jolanda de Colo

The chicken breast is only divided in two parts and then smoked flavored. The flavor of the meat with cold smoking is a critical and delicate step. Jolanda de Colò is considered a holding of real specialists of smoking at a temperature ranging between 10 and 15 degrees centigrade at most. Our technique involves a series of cycles that start with the positioning of the products in ovens for a slow drying which follows a cycle of slow cold smoking. The products perform several cycles following this procedure, so you get a smoking process very delicate and soft.The recipe calls for the exclusive use of beech wood moistened.

Approximate weight 200 gr.

Jolanda de Colò

Artisan producers and breeders of specialty foods since 1976, are considered to be "artisans of taste" strongly anchored to the Friulian tradition of meat processing, the production of specialty food for haute cuisine and gastronomy, as well as being distributors of prestigious Italian and international brands.

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