Salami Ammazzafegato dell'Amiata 700 gr. Salumificio Cerboni

Salami Ammazzafegato dell'Amiata 700 gr. Salumificio Cerboni

Salumificio Cerboni is dedicated to cured pork meat factory since 1600. Since that time, for generations, the family Cerboni worked passionately meat of pigs, bred in their campaigns, to turn them into delicious cold cuts. The sausage factory is located in Tuscany, Casteldelpiano Mount Amiata ancient volcano where you can see the Sea of the Etruscan. The fresh air, the passage of time with the seasons and the ancient recipes handed  from father to son give the sausage a unique taste.

The production of Ammafegato following the old traditional transformation techniques , the meats used coming only from local farms.The meats are ground, mixed with other ingredients such as salt, pepper, chili, garlic, stuffed into natural casings and then left to ripen for a few weeks.

Ingredients:Pork meat choice Toscano, offal, salt, pepper, garlic, chili.

approximate wieght 700 gr.

12,80 list price