Passito Foglio 29. Villa Felice

Passito Foglio 29. Villa Felice

Grape variety: Brachetto.

Description: The color is ruby red, very intense and inviting. The nose hits the explosion of more or less dried fruits, pear jam.

Pairings: Ideal to accompany mature cheeses and blue cheeses, dried pasta and nougat, desserts, chocolate.

Alcohol: 13.50% -14.00%

Bottle 50 cl.

Villa Felice is the result of a happy intuition of Renata Cellerino who, along  with her husband Roberto Mignone in 1992 buy  a house from the early nineteenth century. The Villa immediately became the headquarters of the agricultural activity. A strong farming tradition, combined with a deep commitment with the land inherited from parents and grandparents, move Renata to devote ever greater commitment and satisfaction to the management company, which so far  consists of fifty hectares of vineyards.
Love for the land, the taste of good things and curiosities : these are the three ingredients that led to the Azienda Agricola Villa Felice to realize "Sheet 29", a sweet red wine produced from Brachetto grapes selected, ideal with desserts and cheese.

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