Organic Vodka 0.1. Origine 1 70 cl.

Organic Vodka 0.1. Origine 1 70 cl.

The first Italian vodka 100% organic, distilled grain from wheat, spring water Lurisia produced in the Maritime Alps.

Alcohol: 40.00%

Distilled from transparent and brilliant color, with an aroma of wheat and a hint of flavor with hints of softness typical of grain spirits.

Glass bottle 70 cl.

The production of homemade liqueurs and digestive tonic properties is part of a traditional practice of the Valley Bormida, certainly favored by the abundance of medicinal plants varieties. The Laboratory proposes ORIGIN recipes and craft processes and enhancing it further adding to the tradition, technology and modern means of production. In the laboratory they work only with raw materials from organic farming, carefully selected and certified, without use of artificial flavors to preserve aromas and tastes. The liquor resulting maintain intact their organoleptic properties and are prized for their purity authentic.

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