Daphné IGT White Tuscany Biodynamc. Cosimo Maria Masini

Daphné IGT White Tuscany Biodynamc. Cosimo Maria Masini

Grape variety: Trebbiano Toscano 100%.

Description: Mouth-filling wine, good body, soft entry and mineral finish. Intense fruity nose with herbal sensations.

Pairings: The wine structure allows to match it with dishes that are generally paired with red wines, such as meats, even red ones, matured cheeses, pigeons, white truffles and patê de foie gras.

Alcohol 13,00 %

The Cosimo Maria Masini company follows the dictates of biodynamic cultivation seeking to acquire necessary sensitivity to understand the rhythms of nature and its energies. Making wine means interpreting a terroir, a specific vintage, using wine as the sum of all the variables that come into play when working with living material. Once harvested the grapes, next step is the vinification, based on the natural course of fermentation, you can direct the process through limited mechanical work, without chemical additives. So the desire to achieve a sustainable development of agriculture, which allows to make wine without the use of synthetic chemicals and without the use of invasive techniques. In this way the Cosimo Maria Masini, already certified organic, has found fertile ground in the fundamentals biodynamic.

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