Chocoapple extra 120% 220 gr. Cascina Lissona

Chocoapple extra 120% 220 gr. Cascina Lissona

Farm “Cascina Lissona di Borin Laura” is a little family-run business, managed by Laura and her husband Alessandro, growing their fruit and vegetable in their own territory and then turning them into a various range of totally artisan products inside their own workshop. What allows Laura and Alessandro to get such products is their passion and their  total commitment to the land, together with the willing of letting palates rediscover the genuine tastes and the pleasure of tasting “homemade” products, without preservatives or food colorings.

Ideal for the preparation of cakes and tarts and excellent to spread on bread or biscuits for breakfast or snack.

Natural product without preservatives and chemical additives.

Ingredients: apples, sugar, cocoa powder

5,50 list price